Colorful, refined, rich in history and tradition, Venice is pure magic! Walking through its streets will bring you back in time, and you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by emotions! This city with sumptuous 18th-century palaces, ancient bridges, and late Romanesque churches has so much to offer that you will return home with a wealth of wonders! […]



If during your stay at the Piccadilly Hotel you want a different experience, the Le Bertole farm of the Bortolin family is perfect for you! Gianfranco and his wife Viviana have been producing Spumanti Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG since the 1980s. From grapes to vinification, from sparkling to marketing, the result is always a perfect […]


An hour and ten minutes by car from Hotel Piccadilly is the magnificent city of Padua, home to a rich historical and artistic heritage. With flat land and numerous waterways, let its squares, churches, universities, and 3000 years old architectural beauties, surprise and bewitch you. The symbol of the city is the Basilica of Sant’Antonio, […]



In the municipality of Cavallino-Treporti, there is a small gem still not too well known: the Borgo di Lio Piccolo, an unmissable stop to be included in the list of what to see around Jesolo. If you love nature and tranquility, from the Piccadilly Hotel, take a few hours to discover this small town on […]